MD Award
An Inspiring Innovative Leader and a Curious Engineer!

Amit Sharma is the MD & CEO of Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE), India’s largest Indian private sector engineering and project consultancy providing concept to commissioning services – from planning & consulting, design & detailed engineering to project management & safety.

Before becoming the MD, Amit was the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of TCE from July '12 onward and on the EcoFirst Services Private Limited board from March '13 onwards.

Amit's experience spans Design and Engineering Consulting with a focus on Product Development, Project and Plant Engineering and Design & Asset Lifecycle Management across Process, Discrete and Infrastructure sectors.

He has championed the creation and implementation of enabling governance, business models, change management, program management and solutions.

Amit strongly believes in leveraging people, process and computer-aided design & engineering digital toolsets to promote transformation and collaboration. He is a promoter of the next generation of lean thinking, innovation, agility and optimization across the engineering and design value chain.

At TCE, Amit works closely with the team to charter TCE's growth, scale, and evolution into an innovative and leading Design & Engineering Consultancy across selected sectors and international markets, leveraging its glorious 60 years of proven excellent track record. Amit is also leading industry trends like energy transition, sustainability. industry 5.0 etc.

He also is a Central Governing Council Member of the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) and Chairs the Design, Engineering and Construction sector.

As the General Council member of Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI), he champions the cause of the Indian Consulting Engineers fraternity.

Amit’s foresight, persistence and love for his country led him to achieve such milestones. Thousands of lives were saved during the pandemic and he is glad he could make a difference.

Winner of Indian Achievers' Award 2022 (
Formidable Leadership in Helping the Country Overcome the Oxygen Crisis

During COVID19, Amit demonstrated remarkable strength of character and his love for the country.

He actively worked with the government to ensure that the country overcame the oxygen crisis. He led TCE to engineer Innovative out of the box timely solutions including:

  • PSA Nitrogen conversion to PSA Oxygen Plant
  • Modular Hospital Infrastructure
  • Opensource O2 Concentrator
  • CO2 & LPG Cylinder conversion for O2 Distribution

During COVID19, Amit demonstrated remarkable strength of character and his love for the country.

  • 20,00,000 LPM Oxygen
  • 4000 MT/day Oxygen
  • 200+ Innovators involved
  • 50+ MSME involved

Oxygen Enabled

  • 300+ hospitals assisted for Oxygen needs across 10+ States
  • 5000+ Emails queries and requests responded
  • 10+ Webinars / Web-events
  • 100+ Telecons with MSME, Hospitals, Entrepreneurs
  • 15,000+ person-hours dedicated to fighting the pandemic

Key Performance Indicators of the solutions led by TCE:

  • 225+ Oxygen Plants commissioned
  • 65+ Nitrogen Plants conversions
  • 89+ New Oxygen Plants
  • 90+ MT of Zeolite provisioned
  • 100+ Oxygen Plants consulted
  • 250+ MT/day PSA Oxygen plants 1,00,000+

10,000+ MT/day Oxygen Impacted

  • Oxygen 250+ MT/day PSA Plants
  • Oxygen 4000 MT/day O2 generation
  • Oxygen 6000 MT/day O2 handling Cylinders 8 Million Cylinders (Cylinder Conversion Pilot approved)