Case Studies


Technology & cultural integration – Construction management for Brownfield coke oven and by-product

Technology & cultural integration

The construction management of this huge plant with 88 oven chambers meant - Bringing together 11 domestic and international partners.

Interpreting Chinese technology and implementing in Indian conditions, Multiple Indian contractors to be oriented into stringent safety standards & all this managed with no downtime of existing plant.

  • Technological feats

    • Dismantling top structural arrangements and brick lining five layers of top coming from a height of 145 meters for a chimney from the outer-side. Erection of coal conveyor gallery between two coal towers at a height of 54 metres. Construction of junction house and coal conveyor gallery with 12 metres depth alongside existing coal conveyor. Installation of large numbers of stainless steel burner pipes, cleaning nozzle pipes in each block of battery within very close tolerance for their locations. Construction and retrofitting of new cooling tower in by-product area and dismantling of existing cooling tower for clearing front for scrubbers and compressor house. Construction of cooling tower basin on the roof of process chiller plant. Construction of 68 metres high quenching tower wall along with refractory work and installation of de-dusting nozzles at 58 and 43 metres inside the quenching tower.
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