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Floating Solar Photovoltaic Plant

Hot Metal Movement on IIOT Based Platform

Throughout the world, the requirement for clean energy is critical for sustainable growth. A large scale deployment of solar power plants is underway. These plants require a vast expanse of land for installation. Land acquisition is a challenge and a major cause for delay in project implementation. Rising land cost and unavailability of suitable land for installation of such plants is driving the thinking towards installation of solar plants, which can float on water.

TCE has taken the lead to develop an indigenous floating solar photovoltaic (PV) plant design. This solution proposes use of indigenous, locally available, modular floating solar PV plants that can be .installed on reservoirs and other water bodies having relatively still water.

The benefit of TCE designed plant lies in its simplicity and ease in manufacturing without having limitation on design wind speed or tilt angle. The structure is easy to install, low in cost and maintenance with maximum utilization of solar radiation in an effective manner as compared to other existing floating PV systems. TCE designed floating system is cost efficient and can be recycled. Typical plant cost would be close to conventional ground mounted PV plants.TCE has filed an application for acquiring patent for this innovative design.

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