1000 MW ultra supercritical thermal power plant in Malaysia delivered as an engineering partner to a Korean EPC
1000 MW ultra supercritical thermal power plant in Malaysia delivered as an engineering partner to a Korean EPC

The 1000 MW ultra supercritical thermal power plant undertaken by TCE is a testimony to world class engineering and a fine example of collaboration for shared value creation. TCE is the first Indian engineering company to design a 1000 MW single unit capacity plant.

The Energy BU through this project stretched and scaled its expertise, expanding knowledge envelope from 800 to 1000 MW and supercritical to ultra-supercritical plant design. The greatest challenge was to meet aggressive timelines and schedule demands of the Korean EPC, a long-standing collaborative partner for the Energy BU. The plant was successfully synchronised on schedule bringing about both partner and customer delight!

Some value additions delivered

  • Successful project delivery in a multi-cultural environment
  • Collaboration model with Korean EPC and TCE engineers as one team with one goal; it was a coming together of two culturally diverse teams to put up a single front to the end customer that was Malaysian. Onshore and offsite team deployment, global engineering talent, competency and skill enhancement working on first of its kind project, cultural assimilation of teams (Korean, Indian, Malaysian) are the hallmarks of the human capital value creation.

Complex project management & quality solutions

  • Plant successfully synchronised with grid on schedule bringing customer delight; ultra-supercritical technology deployed with most environment, friendly processes; enhanced relationships due to quality and timely delivery as one unified team with all stakeholders (EPC, contractors, suppliers, owner). Typically such large scale projects are extremely complex in nature due to the numerous suppliers and contracting parties involved, demanding a high level of project management and coordination.

Creating value for society

  • Expansion of Manjung plant has helped enhance power delivery for Malaysian grid, enabling development of industry as a whole and help achieve growth; ultra-supercritical technology is most technologically advanced and it was a great transfer of knowledge to the local partners due to TCE’s presence.

Environment-friendly solutions

  • Ultra-supercritical technology is most environment friendly for the society; the plant has technologies for deNOx and deSOx, reducing the impact on the environment while providing cost efficient energy.

Financial value creation

While the overall cost of ultra-supercritical plant on similar levels was on par with any supercritical technology, the benefits and value derived far exceeded most such plants. Plant commissioning as per schedule had an indirect positive impact on the financials as there were no cost overruns for this project due to delays, typical for such large projects.

Value additions in layout/sizing of feed water system resulted in cost optimisation (200K USD) and operational improvements (lifecycle cost reduction and ease of operation) for this plant.