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Skill Building Programs

IT-enabled drafting for ITI Students


Employability for students in the ITI courses

Program execution:

Independent program conducted by TCE employees

Computer aided design (CAD) and mechanical drafting are entry level skills that are core to our design engineering services. Several technical institutes in India have the draftsman trade in their curriculum. These courses are taken up by youngsters who cannot afford regular skill building programs. However these trades do not involve computer and IT applications. This skill gap which makes the youngsters enrolled in the government-supported ITI programs more employable is met with our unique Draftsman Design Application course as a CSR & Affirmative Action initiative.

TCEndeavour's Affirmative Action program to provide education and employability is designed to impart practical knowledge in TCE's core expertise. This program will help increase employability of SC/ST students with requisite qualifications. The plan is to provide training in IT drafting applications for 2nd year SC/ST students in the ITI draftsman trade. The program comprises three levels of training – Basic, Advanced & Specialist with a certification at the end of each level.

The pilot program is presently running in Bangalore and Chennai as a series of weekend courses. The TCEndeavour Champs

Volunteered to serve as Trainers. The students found the program extremely relevant as the training filled a skill gap in their regular ITI program. The students in Bangalore requested a fast-track course and completed the basic program in time for their ITI campus job interview schedules. The basic course covers the basics in AUTOCAD drafting application. This will provide students an edge over others in the campus recruitments.

The advanced course entails detailed application orientation that will help students qualify for apprenticeships in the industry. The specialist programs will involve training in piping, electrical and aspects of detailed design engineering. Students will be provided a certificate once they complete and qualify at each phase of the program. The basic course for the students in the pilot program is complete and some students found placements in the industry. The program will be extended to other locations in a phased manner.


Pollution Management Solutions


Tata Consulting Engineers was appointed consultants to a steel-making giant for pollution control and emissions management

Objective :

To meet and exceed stringent environmental norms recommended to manage the overall ambient air quality.

Value Added:

Tata Consulting Engineers helped commission a CEMS (Continuous Emission Management System) which has ensured greater transparency and commitment by the client.

Tata Consulting Engineers' technology solutions helped in selecting the appropriate air pollution control equipments to reduce the stack emissions. The design also takes care of workplace air quality to maintain OSHAS norms. The project was carried out in a Brownfield site with operational challenges of shutdown requirement, space crunch and safety requirements.

Tata Consulting Engineers has recommended solutions for continuous improvement and the system is among the largest in the country.


Resource conservation in the infrastructure planning of an Aerotropolis township


Design and project management of integrated infrastructure for the township of 1,700 acres covering water, sewerage, drainage, solid waste management, fire, disaster management, electrical distribution, telecommunication, safety and security aspects.

Value Added:

The solution proposed included rainwater harvesting and water management designed to retain 22 ponds covering over 11 hectares of area. These ponds are being preserved and over 300 ml of rainwater will be harvested in these ponds. The drainage system has been planned to route the surface water runoff surrounding through these ponds. The annual mass balance for the ponds reveals that at least, minimum water level will be maintained through summer.

Based on zero discharge concept, sewage generated from the township is proposed to be treated by Sequential Batch Reactor ( SBR ) process at the sewage treatment plant. It is proposed to provide tertiary treatment. Post tertiary treatment, the treated sewage water will be used for flushing and irrigation. The prescribed solution will result in 50% reduction of fresh water intake from 38 mld to 18 mld


Our CSR programs run on the strength of employee volunteers who come forward to do their bit to impact society in a positive way. We design programs by combining employees' engineering skills and spirit of volunteerism to impact society.

TCE's volunteering programs help with employee engagement and positive reinforcements. The Tata Engage Volunteering Week (TVW) a Group-wide program where employees across the world participated in CSR activities. TCE conducted various activities across all its locations, were carried out successfully. Blood donation camps, skill building program for under privileged youth, providing cheer at old age homes and orphanages, 2D drafting training program are a few of the activities which were successfully conducted across the locations.

CSR volunteering program

Tata Volunteering Week TVW-VII, March 2017
  • TCE volunteers at Bangalore Open or Close

    Blood Donation

    Blood donation camp was arranged in association with NIMHANS blood bank on Founder’s day. 56 employees came forward to donate out of which 49 units where donated. Awareness on advantages of blood donation and also educated the employees on what basis units of blood could be drawn.

    To create awareness on TVW and TataEngage programmes, E-contest- a quiz through mobile- whatsApp was conducted. Since it is the digital era, contest was conducted in e-format. There were enthusiastic participation from employees. First four correct and quick answers were rewarded.

    Career Counselling

    TCE arranged career counseling program for Community college students. Students were brought to the office to give them an understanding of corporate offices. Motivational videos were shown, activities were conducted and floor walk was also arranged. Senior leaders volunteered their time, gave talk on "failure is the steps for success", career in sports, animation and other topics.

    Safety Awareness

    As part of TVW7 and Safety Week, Safety Awareness programme on usage of mobile and riding two-wheeler was conducted for students of a community college in Bangalore. Brief note on safety aspects and video on safety was also played. An interactive quiz was also conducted to make them know more.

  • TCE volunteers at Chennai Open or Close

    Govt. Awareness & road safety

    The TCE Chennai team conducted a road safety and government schemes awareness program for students in Chudar’s after school center in Malligaipoo Nagar. In addition, they facilitated basic English skill development class for the slum area school kids. They also raised awareness amongst the residents in the vicinity on various government schemes and women's education schemes.

    Skill development and water conservation

    Special Chidren and old age

    The TCE Chennai team volunteered their time through interaction with special children. The played fun games and distributed fruits and biscuits.

    Tree plantation -03-04

    Due to Vardah cyclone in December 2016, nearly 1 lakh of trees were uprooted in and around Chennai. TCE Chennai team took part in rebuilding our environment through tree plantation. As per saying ‘Plant a tree, plant a new life”, through this TATA engage programme the team planted 20 new lives.

  • TCE volunteers at Delhi Open or Close

    Blood donation

    On the occasion of birth anniversary (3rd March) of our Founder, J N Tata and as part of TVW7, TCE Delhi DC organized a blood donation camp in Green Boulevard Campus, Noida in collaboration with Rotary Noida Blood Bank. There was an overwhelming response from employees and 33 units of blood were collected.

    Microsoft training for under priviledge students

    Volunteers from TCE Delhi DC have taken an initiative to train economically weaker students in Microsoft Office. 8th, 9th & 10th class students from YASODHA PUBLIC SCHOOL, NOIDA will be trained in this initiative. On 3rd April 2017, Volunteers conducted an introductory session where they briefed about the Company and the teaching module which they are going to follow in coming sessions. From July onwards the next academic year will start, so volunteers will continue teaching program from 1st week of July 2017. The program will consist of a two hour class per week where volunteers will teach Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, etc. The aim is to train around 70 to 100 students in Microsoft office till February 2018. Volunteers have also planned to provide career counseling to these students along with the current program.

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

    21 volunteers from TCE Delhi took initiative to clean up and to increase awareness about garbage disposal and segregation in a public park area, TCE volunteers visited Tikona Park, a popular jogger’s park in the Indirapuram neighborhood of Ghaziabad. The volunteers spent time in the park cleaning up non biodegradable waste scattered all around the park and discussing the harmful effects of such waste with the caretakers, nearby vendors and passersby. The nearby food vendors were made aware of the effects of the leftover plastic waste from the items they sold has on the park and the drainage system. The volunteers donated some cleaning items to the caretakers of the park who were very supportive throughout the drive.

  • TCE volunteers at Jamshedpur Open or Close

    Activity-1-Blood Donation

    TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERS in association with RED CROSS SOCIETY organized a blood donation camp on 8th of March 2017, which was volunteered by TCE employees. 61 employees came forward to donate blood, some employees also volunteered and coordinated for the smooth organization of the camp. As a token of appreciation, the donors were given certificates and gifts by RED CROSS.


    On the 9th of March, a team of 7 Volunteers from TCE Jamshedpur visited Hitku Village Anganwadi Centre (AWC) to assist in the implementation of the VHND (Village Health and Nutrition Day) Programme. VHND is organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a part of National Rural Health Mission. During the visit, around 25 to 30 women (some pregnant, others lactating) had gathered in the centre for their regular health checkups. The team interacted with them to understand their knowledge on the VHND programme so far. They were also informed about the requirement of the vaccinations of the pregnant ladies and new born babies, which kind of diseases they prevent, the importance of institutional deliveries, and the government schemes which are present to facilitate all those who correctly follow all of these. The team also checked the health kits given to pregnant women, and advised them to use these kits regularly. It was inspiring to meet one particular lady, the mother of two girl children, who had opted for sterilization and was proudly raising the children with immense help from Laxmi Ladli Yojana of the Central Government.

    Activity 3- Visit to AWC school

    A separate team from our office went to meet the kids of the AWC school of Hitku Village, Jamshedpur. It was a nursery school and the kids were of 3 to 6 years of age. The volunteers sat down with their teacher and got to know about the scarce resources which she has for teaching them. The children sat down together to have their lunch (provided by the school itself). They were all in a playful mood when the volunteers distributed snacks amongst them. The team met their parents and reiterated the importance of education equally for the boys and girls. Health kits were checked which are distributed to the children on a regular basis by the AWC.

    Activity 4-Interaction with AWC Sevika

    On this day, 4 volunteers from TCE went to a village in Sonari region of Jamshedpur to have a meeting with the Sevikas employed in the AWCs to learn about their way of working. The Central Government has deployed Sevikas in each AWC to look after the people who are eligible for the available schemes, and register them to the same. Block level Supervisors are present to supervise the work done by the Sevikas. On interacting with the Sevikas, we got to understand the mentality of the locales and the challenges they face when carrying out their responsibilities. The TCE Jamshedpur team offered them solutions so that they can work smoothly. They found out that these ladies, although appointed for reaching out to the locale, have gaps in information about the facilities provided by the various government-run schemes. For example, they register girl children for the Ladli Laxmi Scheme, but have little idea how to avail the benefits of it. They also had very little information on Kanyadan Scheme, which is a scheme for financial help to girls belonging to BPL category (of 18 years of age or above) on their marriage. They were completely unaware of some other schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gambhir Bimari Yojana and Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Vidhva Pension Yojana.

    Activity 5 -Visit to Chesihre home

    Residential care for girls with multiple disabilities (Jamshedpur).
    TCE Jamshedpur team donated old clothes like 46 nos. of Gents Wear, 52 nos. of Ladies wear and 73 nos. of children’s wear with some chocolates. Volunteers interacted with the children with a smile on their face and shared a few light moments, The day ended with some joyful moments like talking and singing of volunteers with all disable girls, which was full of learning, wonder & fun with each other. With this visit the Volunteers resolved to continue their support to the Cheshire Home.

    Activity 6 -Visit to orhanage

    Engineers working with TCE spent time with children at 'Nirmala Shishu Bhawan', an orphanage run by Missionaries of Charity at Jamshedpur. Group of engineers as spent over 2 hours with these children, and distributed old clothes, Lactogen & Cerelac.

  • TCE volunteers at Kolkata Open or Close

    Barrackpore NGO

    VISIT TO BARRACKPORE NGO Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural and Social Welfare Society is a NGO working for the development of underprivileged sections of the population since 1999. They mainly support and work with destitute children, women in need of legal support and income generation, elderly people who are not been supported by their families or in situations where the family is unable to support these senior citizens of India.
    As part of the TATA Engage Volunteering Week 7, a team from Kolkata office took the initiative to visit this NGO. We collected old clothing from our colleagues and distributed in the NGO. We spent quality time with the elders chatting with them and made them smile. Few children of the NGO performed dance, recited stories. Snacks were distributed among children. Grocery items and daily need items were gifted to the little ones as per the NGO’s requirement. The staffs of the NGO welcomed us heartily and shared their daily routine with enthusiasm. The little ones were very happy spending an evening with us. It was a great time spent with the children and old ladies.

    Blood donation

    As part of the TATA Engage Volunteering Program 7, a blood donation camp was arranged in TATA Medical Centre. Nearly eighteen volunteers participated in this activity. Moreover one member from TCS also joined us. This activity will benefit nearly 35 to 40 patients in need of blood. Snacks were arranged for the donors. Also coffee mugs with TATA Engage logo printed on it, was distributed among the donors. Few days before blood donation, a useful and informative presentation was given by Mr. Kathiravan to TCE Kolkata office to motivate the employees.

    Visit to Abaitanik Siksha Niketan

    Abaitanik Siksha Niketan is a small NGO providing free education to the underprivileged students. Kids of local taxi and rickshaw drivers, maids etc, attend the classes in the evening on various subjects.
    As part of the TATA Engage Volunteering Week 7, a team from Kolkata office took the initiative to visit this NGO. The idea was to spend some quality time with the children to discuss regarding their subjects and how to prepare for the examinations. A Sit-n-Draw competition was also organized by the volunteers for the children. Gifts were given to the winners and participants and snacks were also served. The NGO staff welcomed the volunteers heartily and shared the study books with enthusiasm. Even the little ones were eager to share their learning and participated well in the discussion. It was a great time spent with the children and we longed to visit them more often.

  • TCE volunteers at Mumbai Open or Close

    Blood donation camp

    Career counselling

    MD Amit Sharma spoke to the students of Antarang Foundation at TCE Mumbai office. The students were invited for Mentoring sessions with senior leaders. Senior leaders of Group Companies as well as Senior Management from TCE, volunteered their time and engaged with the students on various fields and career prospects. The two mentoring sessions covered a gamut of careers ranging from skill building, finance, CA, retail sector, graphic designing, visualizing and more.
    TCE would like to express its gratitude to all Guest Volunteer – Mentors: Ms. Mallika Sriraman, Mr. Pravinchandra Shahu - TCE, Ms. Preeti Inamdar - TCE, Ms. Anita Rajan, COO Tata Strive; Mr. Lok Thapa -Tata Trent; Mr. Sachin Dewasthalee -TCE; Dr. Shwetaleena, Shreya and Sameet - Tata Interactive; – for taking the time out to share your experiences and wisdom

    Govt awareness schemes at Korichpada Jawahar

    24 enthusiastic volunteers from TCE, Mumbai took the back-breaking ride to Khoripada village in Palghar district, on the outskirts of Mumbai. TCE has adopted this village & the flagship program has made a difference to the lives of 63 families living here. They have a sense of pride in being guided by TCE through Governance, Training & Awareness, Water Management & Sustainable livelihood programs. The villagers responded well and it was evident that migration to urban cities in search of work has reduced and they have hopes of living a life of dignity in their own village. Volunteers shared with the villagers various Government schemes informing the benefits and the rules of the schemes and process of application.

    Holi with Special Kids

    TCE volunteers celebrated Holi with kids from St. John the Baptist Special School, Thane; the event was organised by Tata Motors for Tata volunteering Week 7

    Vist to aquarium

    TCE volunteers came together to take about 70 kids from St. John's special school and their teachers along for a trip to the Aquarium in Mumbai. These kids rarely get the chance to go on a trip with their class much less see an aquarium. The kids had a wonderful time as they saw different kinds of fish, ate a meal together with the volunteers and shared their stories from school. Special needs kids are often neglected by society and mainstream education system because of their inability to function normally in the society. TCE volunteers are humbled to be able to spread cheer and joy in the lives of these wonderful kids

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