Sector - Infrastructure

Services - Design & Engineering

Location - Gujarat

Proposed Shipyard and a Multipurpose Port – Gujarat Integrated Maritime Complex Limited / ILFS

The Gujarat Coast is a good location for commercial ship repair and port, in particular by virtue of proximity to shipping lanes for vessels trading between the Middle East and Asia. The Client has proposed a Shipyard with a multipurpose port at Nana Layja near Mandvi in Kutch district of Gujarat. The client is also planning for an LNG terminal at the same location.

TCE Scope of Services

  • Baseline study - TCE is carrying out the baseline studies for air, water, soil, socio-economic ecology, landuse and marine ecology by engaging external agencies.
  • Impact Assessment - After conducting the baseline environment study, an impact assessment would be carried out for all the environmental parameters. Predictive models would be used for prediction of impacts.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP) - After impact assessment, a detailed EMP would be given to mitigate any negative impact from the terminal to hinterland by rail/road and vice-versa.
  • Apart from the above study, TCE would also assist Client with Public consultation/ Hearing and appraisal of the project at MoEF Expert committee