Maharashtra Earthquake Emergency Rehabilitation - Government Of Maharashtra
Maharashtra Earthquake Emergency Rehabilitation – Government Of Maharashtra





The severe earthquake in September 1993, in the Latur district of Maharashtra, resulted in massive loss of life and property. Tata Consulting Engineers’ (TCE) was entrusted with the consultancy assignment for the reconstruction of three of the earthquake-affected villages viz. Nandurga, Udatpur and Narangwadi by the Government of Maharashtra.

TCE's assignment involved cultural rehabilitation including construction of 1224 new houses, amenity buildings, roads and drains. TCE's architects and engineers held a series of community participation meetings and allocated all the plots before commencing construction.

This participatory approach helped to smoothen the implementation of the housing project. The villagers contributed constructively in the planning of the new layout for the villages. The location of the houses for the various communities, the road pattern, the amenity buildings and the open spaces were finalised with active participation of the villagers.

The new houses have been designed for an earthquake intensity of 7.5 on the Richter scale. The Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai vetted the design analysis and methodology before the construction.