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Bengal Aerotropolis Project Limited (BAPL), Burdwan district of West Bengal

Project features:

Simultaneous development of Underground Coal Mines and Aerotropolis

The Project area hosts a number of regionally persistent coal seams having substantial reserves and also rich in Coal Bed Methane (CBM).

Tata Consulting Engineers conducted various technological investigations to assess the possibilities for simultaneous development of BAPL Project, underground mining of coal and plan of exploitation of CBM. Tata Consulting Engineers carried out the studies in the following three stages:

Impact assessment

Preparing a mining plan and Detailed Project Report for Underground mining with zero subsidence at surface

Approach to exploit CBM potential within the BAPL project area from outside the BAPL area.

On the basis of TCE investigations, the BAPL Project was given 'green signal' by the West Bengal State Government in consultation with Ministry of Coal (MoC) and Ministry of Aviaion (MoA).


Towards cleaner sponge iron manufacturing
in West Bengal - World Bank funded Sector Study of Sponge Iron Industry

A World Bank funded initiative, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board appointed Tata Consulting Engineers a sector study of sponge iron (SI) industry in West Bengal in 2012-13.

The Challenge

The principal alternative route in iron making is Direct Reduction of Iron (DRI) by use of coal. The sponge iron sector is characterized by operators ranging from small scale capacity of maximum 50 or 100 tpd units to large scale enterprises of about 500 TPD. The process is dependent on sized iron ore and non-coking coal of 25% ash content.

Due to the scarcity of such non-coking coal with 25% ash content the industry depends on high ash coal which results in inferior product quality as well as poor environmental compliance.

Assignment Scope

Tata Consulting Engineers was entrusted with the assessment of Environmental pollution impact of sponge iron units in West Bengal vis-à-vis the rest of India and suggest clean technology options.

This includes scope for use of clean coal bed methane (CBM), which is available in Eastern coal fields and use in direct reduction substituting coal partially in 60 sponge iron (SI) units across West Bengal. This would ultimately lead to a path for future technology transformation to gas based reduction with CBM. About 10 (ten) SI units has been visited for monitoring the emissions and assessing the status of environmental management and overall nearly sixty (60) Units surveyed in five (5) districts of West Bengal.

The Study Report aims at facilitating capacity build up of Environmental Compliance Assistance Centre (ECAC), an independent Centre presently under WBPCB in achieving environmental compliance and directing the policy decision makers and industry stakeholders for a re-positioning of this industry sector throughout India in the years ahead.

Value Additions

Tata Consulting Engineers carried out the studies from the environmental, commercial and technological angle and put forth recommended solution such as Tunnel Kiln technology, coal quality management, etc. The assessment report and recommendations are expected to benefit the state of West Bengal and the sponge iron industry sector here.


Turnkey execution of India's largest blast
furnace for steel plant in Rourkela


Rendered civil and structural works comprising furnace foundation, 4-poster structure, equipment foundation, roads, railway tracks, drawing and sewerage. Utilities and auxiliaries comprised off furnace cooling system, compressed air, nitrogen, steam, oxygen for blast furnace proper, gas cleaning plant, cast house, bell-less top charging system, stove valve cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Value Additions:

The plant construction and commissioning was been done in a record time and in line with international stand.

Innovative engineering solutions:

Design and engineering of 4-poster structure thereby eliminating the need for pouring concrete into the hollow structures Engineered sequence of installation of the down comer connecting blast furnace and gas cleaning plant

Blast furnace foundation was designed, critically examined and approvals for construction procured to suit site conditions such that no re-engineering was called for.

Design/Engineering of systems and sub-systems were critically examined to enable problem-free construction.

Design inputs from various agencies were compiled and integrated in design for construction in record time. State-of-the-art safety solutions were provided in design, basic engineering inputs, operational maintenance, extensive fire fighting systems, fire detection systems were incorporated and gratings were provided to ensure accident-free operations.

The innovations, safety measures and timely delivery provided cost efficiencies to the client


High Resolution Seismic Survey (HRSS) to investigate deeply occurring structurally complex coal deposits

Project features:

The coal seams in Ichchapur Coal Block of Raniganj Coal basin, allotted to JSW, occur at great depths and are also structurally complex having numerous faults with 'throws' of various ranges. Considering the complexity JSW decided to carry out the exploration both by HRSS and sub-surface drilling. TCE has successfully interpreted the HRSS and drilling data and prepared the 3 Dimensional ore body model and Geological Report.


Underground mine planning for Mandla North Coal Block. Client: Jaiprakash Associates Limited

The underground mine planning is a complicated project as it involved negotiating 29 faults with one major fault having displacement of almost 150 m. The job involved intricate layout of working panels, production scheduling and ventilation networking.


Iron & Steel , Zinc & Aluminium

Raw material handling system, coke oven, sinter plant, blast furnace, Direct reduction plant(gas-coal based), steel mill shop including caster and rolling mills (flat & non flat). We add value to our global clients in all aspects of material handling, iron making & coke making

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Process Metallurgy

Material Handling

Iron Making

Coke Making

Steel Making and Ferro Alloys

Rolling Mills

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