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Diversity & Inclusion

TCE is an equal opportunity provider embracing the diversity of every employee. Diversity and Inclusion are embedded in the Tata Code of Conduct, and at TCE we uphold an inclusive culture. We value and encourage our employees enabling them to realise their potential.

Diverse experience and background of our employees have helped us in understanding the communities we work in and help us deliver innovative solutions to the customers.

Affirmative Action Policy

Affirmative Action

The philosophy behind our Affirmative Action Program is:

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • Recruitment is based on merit
  • No positive discrimination is made towards age, gender and social standing
  • Affirmative Action focus on Education & Employability
  • Affirmative Action Programs

Training in computer-aided drafting:

As part of the skill-building program, computer-aided drafting for ITI students from the marginal sections was conducted in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune successfully to enhance employability. Employees volunteered to train the students in various drafting applications

Softskills & employability training for students of College of Engineering Pune:

The EAGLE program was launched under the affirmative action initiative, in which around 40 engineers from marginalized communities and from rural background were given training for industry preparedness. Apart from the classroom sessions, participants were given insights into the business, hands-on experience through site visits and industry exposure. Senior executives also mentored these students through presentations and interactions.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship:

As part of a CSR initiative to encourage entrepreneurship, the company placed orders for safety helmets from M/s. Chandan & Chandan Industries.

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