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Customer Speak

  • Anthony Madugua
    Group Director (T)
    ETA-Zuma Nigeria

    Anthony Madugua – Group Director (T), ETA-Zuma Nigeria

    We have a lot of regards and respect for Tata Consulting Engineers. We are proud to say they are our technical advisors for our projects for the first 1200 MW coal fired plant in Nigeria since independence, 400 MW gas fired power plant. We are very happy because of their professionalism, diligence, understanding and support – especially with respect to our company, our project and our temperament as Africans. So very delighted
    to be here !

    Rajesh Salwan
    Director Operations
    DSM Pharma

    Rajesh Salwan, Director Operations, DSM Pharma

    Put in one word – Awesome experience working with TCE. We are putting up a life sciences project in Chandigarh,. While we have worked with other consultants, we had a very good experience working with TCE. Not stopping here, we have some overseas assignments coming up. Looking to TCE as partners beyond the boundaries of India, Africa.etc.

  • P Thyagarajan
    COO Shriram EPC

    P Thyagarajan. COO Shriram EPC

    TCE completing 50 years means they have been associated with the development of India, and played a role in every industry for clients... I am associated with TCE since Sterlite Tuticorin where TCE played a major role in the expansion projects. They supported me by giving inputs in for cost saving and time. Looking for TCE support for projects abroad like cement and power.

  • Arvinda Guha
    COO Tata Projects Limited

    Arvinda Guha, COO Tata Projects Limited

    Undoubtly, this is one of the most respected and revered engineering organization compared to any other design organisation . Our interaction with TCE was the best because they understand the subject. TPL and TCE association will go a long way in supporting each other.

  • Stefan Domdey
    Head of CIS India
    Siemens India

    Stefan Domdey, Head of CIS India, Siemens India

    We have a great experience working with TCE - proof of how Siemens and TCE have got together in the past. We are pretty much looking at collaborating with TCE and taking this relationship to the next level.

  • S V Gogate,
    Keihin Fie Pvt.Ltd.

    S V Gogate, Keihin Fie Pvt.Ltd.

    We are associated with TCE since 1999 and it has been a wonderful experience. Work gets done, but relationship is life long. We are fortunate, as our expansion was done by TCE. We are a Indo-Japanese venture and our partners are also have been satisfied.

    David Wild
    Dy. CG
    South Africa

    David Wild, Dy. CG, South Africa

    Congratulations on this big occasion tonight. Thank you very much for the support you have been giving to South Africa. TCE is performing a very important function in South Africa. In the future as the company grows from stage to stage, not only the Indian people, but also to South Africa and ultimately Africa as a whole will benefit.

  • Kubo San
    MHI India

    Kubo San, MD, MHI India

    Our company has been working with TCE for the last 10 years. As working partners we expect to continue to grow with TCE.

  • Ms Ananya Ghanodra
    Technical Services
    Indian Hotels

    Ms Ananya Ghanodra, Technical Services, Indian Hotels

    All the best for TCE. I had an opportunity to work with TCE for many years . They are very professional and are one of the best teams in India.

  • Mr S R Rao
    President GPCL

    Mr S R Rao, President GPCL

    I am a.proud alumni of Tata Consulting Engineers. I am happy to see the growth in TCE and happy to be here and be part of the TCE story.

  • M P Kulkarni
    Principal Consultant

    M P Kulkarni, Principal Consultant, GHD

    ...Experience with TCE has been fantastic. .....GHD attaches lot of importance to partnership with TCE. Compliment TCE on their 50th anniversary...Wish you all the best.

  • Mr Maneck Engineer
    Exec. VP
    Godrej & Boyce

    Mr Maneck Engineer, Exec. VP, Godrej & Boyce

    .....Truly a professional organisation. Knowledge and engineering is excellent.....Definitely TCE is among the leading engineering firms in India.

  • Mr Nitin Vaidya
    General Manager
    Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturng Ltd.

    Mr Nitin Vaidya, General Manager, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturng Limited

    My experience with TCE is quite thrilling. Experience is good, excellent. Team is energetic.

  • M Siddiqui
    Group Director

    M Siddiqui, Group Director , Vedanata

    It is a great pleasure to be with the whole team of TCE. We have been working together for some of the projects.... TCE doesn't see problems as a job but something as an engineering solution. TCE has a culture of bringing something new that nobody would demand. Hope to associate more with this company so they can bring value to us in future projects.

  • Mr Syamal Gupta
    Former Chairman

    Mr Syamal Gupta, Former Chairman TCE

    Delighted to be here. TCE has unfurled, blossomed into a high-tech engineering company .....TCE went global during my time to give price, quality, delivery at matching standards. Wish TCE to be a global high-tech company.

  • Tomohika Okada

    Tomohika Okada, Toshiba

    For Toshiba, Tata Group is a very important player, especially TCE. We will try to explore every opportunity to work together. TCE provides good service and there is excellent team support.

  • Vijay Dhongde
    Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturng Ltd.

    Vijay Dhongde, CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturng Limited

    I complement and congratulate TCE for this auspicious occasion. My experience of 2 years was a pleasure working with TCE. Couple of reasons – adaptability, flexibility, business ethics as well as professionalism. Skill sets and capabilities they possess today is phenomenal.

  • Mr Casian Dendere
    Chief Executive Officer COENG Consulting & Construction Engineers
    Centurion, South Africa

    Mr Casian Dendere, Chief Executive Officer COENG Consulting & Construction Engineers, Centurion, South Africa.

    Last night in his speech, the Deputy Minister of South Africa in the trade industry, reiterated the importance of India and how they share their common political and historical background and how they donated their lawyer – Mahatma Gandhi to South Africa. I am inspired, this morning as I walked into TCE looking at the partnership values of TCE, that to this day & time they are still willing to support South African companies, that they do think the business is South Africa to ensure sustainability. Today and tomorrow

We would like to thank the TCE team for their excellent support of the Procter & Gble (P & G) Sacramento Chemicals Plant over the last year. (2013). The TCE team provided excellent results in front-end engineering, detailed design engineering and start up support.
We are fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with the TCE team. They have truly added value to the P& G bottom line. The Team has also provided support in HSE to achieve breakthrough results. P & G Chemicals, Sacremento Plant.  

P & G Chemical,
Sacremento Plant

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