Role of Modern Fuel Gas Analyser in a Thermal Power Plant

The concern for Global Warming and Climate change has already made a social impact on the planet earth and corporate strategy on mitigating plan needs to be adopted to restore ecological balance. While any economic growth is associated with Industrial developments, which will trigger a new concern to the environment, innovative adoption of various energy efficient processes will ensure better carbon foot print. In India for any sustained growth the requirement of Power will always increase and new Power Stations will need to be set up. While setting up Power stations consideration needs to be given for selecting appropriate technology, size & selection of energy efficient process and equipment, optimize the combustion process. Role of analysers for measurement and control plays a major role to optimize the process operation & reducing fuel and energy wastages. Further selection of the appropriate technology for analyser, proper installation practices and control strategy based on the analysis and its response time are the key considerations for successfully implementing automatic combustion Control. This paper aims to describe the challenges in the selection of the appropriate gas analysers for the measurement based on the various technological versions, the analysis of the result & implementation of control to improve Carbon Foot Print.

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