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By Atul Choudhari Accident at Pemex LPG terminal in Mexico City in 1984 is one of the worst disasters that the industry has seen. The facility owned by the government was a conventional large scale (54 storage tanks) LPG storage and distribution terminal which used to receive the LPG through a pipeline from a refinery […]

Roof cladding selection – new age material for special area application

By Manos De Design and selection of suitable material for cladding is a specialized science and the rigours of design are in many ways like structural design of the primary framing of a building that resist the loads. Cladding is the outermost skin of the building and its design is mostly dominated by consideration of […]

Low Grade Heat Utilisation

By Bharat Yadav Energy is utilised in the industry in different forms such as electricity, steam, and thermal.  One of the measures of sustainability is specific energy consumption. One of the energy conservation measures is to recover and utilise low grade heat energy in some form.  Here is an overview of low grade heat utilisation. A […]

Instrument Interface with Non-Metallic pipelines

By: Sunil Agarwal / Pankaj R. Nayak (Tata Consulting Engineers Limited) Non-Metallic pipelines Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)  is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. Glass, Carbon, Aramid etc. can be used as a fiber of the composite and the Polyester, Vinyl ester or Epoxy plastics acts as a thermosetting resin. Fiberglass (GRP) is one type of […]

Information And Communication Technology For Smart Bus Shelter

C SAILAJA Technology Principal, TCEL, Chennai An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is an advanced application of ICT in the transport sector providing ‘Smarter’ methods to make travel a more safer & coordinated experience to the public. It involves advanced networking technologies, thereby interfacing with other applications such as traffic management, Parking management etc. to provide amenities at […]

Geothermal Power Generation

By Suman Dey and Sreenath Janardhanan Geothermal uses energy from the everlasting heat content present in the Earth’s crust to generate electric power and makes it sustainable energy source. The gas emissions released by this power is only a fraction of that of coal fired thermal power plants and makes it environment friendly. Unlike other […]

Futuristic Perspective For Remote Monitoring And Preventive Maintenance.

1. Synopsis Evolving aspirations and needs of general public is compelling development of new age infrastructure wherein “Smart” is an all pervasive expression. In all sectors – be it Energy, Infra , Petrochemical, telecom or manufacturing, elements such as Internet, IOT, IIOT, Automation and Analytics , Big data, predictive analysis are a part of evolving […]

Nuclear Piping –Classification and Stress Analysis

Shivnarayan Pareek Nuclear Safety as defined by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) <sup>[1]</sup> and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India (AERB)[2] in their safety guides is – The achievement of proper operating conditions, prevention of accidents or mitigation of accident consequences, resulting in protection of site personnel, the public and the environment from undue radiation […]

Riverfront Development – An Effort to make it a Socio-Interactive Space

Ashish Kapoor Abstract A waterfront of any city is a major avenue for recreation opportunities and open green spaces within city development from an urban perspective. The urban waterfronts in the form of riverfront development, canals / lake front development or even seafront development have been long neglected. These urban forms have undergone a dramatic […]

Market as a Public Space

Shwetha M Nayak, Shrutika Vasant Wandre Abstract: Market places are not only a commercial gathering place but public spaces with flexible spatial and temporal activities. It is a platform to have a communication between people and goods with respect to economic and cultural aspects. They are considered as an engine for growth of the city. […]