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Riverfront Development – An Effort to make it a Socio-Interactive Space

Ashish Kapoor Abstract A waterfront of any city is a major avenue for recreation opportunities and open green spaces within city development from an urban perspective. The urban waterfronts in the form of riverfront development, canals / lake front development or even seafront development have been long neglected. These urban forms have undergone a dramatic […]

Market as a Public Space

Shwetha M Nayak, Shrutika Vasant Wandre Abstract: Market places are not only a commercial gathering place but public spaces with flexible spatial and temporal activities. It is a platform to have a communication between people and goods with respect to economic and cultural aspects. They are considered as an engine for growth of the city. […]

Seismic Margin Assessment (SMA) of Safety Critical Piping in Nuclear Power Plants of India.

DSS Subbanna, Shivnarayan Pareek The SMA method has typically been used in other countries for the safety evaluation under seismic conditions of existing nuclear facilities. It considers seismic intensity level which is beyond design basis earthquake events, also referred to as RLEs (Review Level Earthquakes). Regulatory authorities in India have also demanded SMA evaluations for […]

Use High Strength Precast Concrete Spun Piles

Author – Sudesh Shinde Facilitator – Satish Diwakar Abstract High strength precast spun concrete piles have an economical advantage over conventional solid concrete friction piles in terms of quality, Strength and speed of construction. Moreover, these piles are best suited where there is no requirement of high shear and tension resistance and less active aseismic zones […]

Key Management System

By: Aniket Joshi Keys are the one of most important and integral assets of any organization. Most of the organization maintains physical log book for keys taken and return time by the authorized persons for various rooms/ locks/ lockers/ safe rooms/ hazardous areas. Such traditional key management is inefficient, unreliable and makes tracing of keys […]

Pipeline Intrusion Detection

By C Sailaja Pipeline Intrusion Detection (PID) detects for any third party interference, malicious attempts and unauthorised excavation along buried pipeline which pose a major challenge. The pipelines often are routed through remote and hostile territories which run from a few to thousands of kilometers. Generally buried pipelines, especially gas pipelines are identified by the […]

SMART Pole @ Road junctions-Security and Revenue generating Opportunities

By: Upendra S. Joshi, Senior Manager – I&C, TCE SMART city is an emerging and fast growing infrastructure sector initiative by Government of India in collaboration with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). Primary goal of SMART city mission is to improve livability index of citizens in terms of ensuring HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards, balanced […]

Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

-By- Dr. S. Sakthivel Incineration or mass combustion which called as full oxidative combustion also is the thermal breakdown of waste in the presence of excess of air, producing a hot flue gas (containing CO2, O2, N2, SO2 & water vapour) and solid residue (slag, ash or char). The objective of incineration is to reduce […]

Battery Technologies for electric vehicles

BY D GEETHALAKSHMI Globally transportation sector is passing through a paradigm shift from conventional internal combustion engine vehicle to electric vehicles. Electro mobility has gained global attention in the light of fast depletion of fossil fuels and impact of transportation on environment due to increased GHG emission. In a Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), battery is […]

Engineering of Entrance Glass Canopy

Author – Kapil Chaudhari & Facilitator – Satish Diwakar Introduction TCE has provided “Concept to Commissioning”, including detail engineering services of all disciplines to one of the most prestigious hospital projects. TCE has designed and erected three structural canopies for this Hospital and the largest one spanning 20m x 15m in plan (Ref Fig-1). There […]