Monthly Archive:: January 2019

Battery Technologies for electric vehicles

BY D GEETHALAKSHMI Globally transportation sector is passing through a paradigm shift from conventional internal combustion engine vehicle to electric vehicles. Electro mobility has gained global attention in the light of fast depletion of fossil fuels and impact of transportation on environment due to increased GHG emission. In a Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), battery is […]

Engineering of Entrance Glass Canopy

Author – Kapil Chaudhari & Facilitator – Satish Diwakar Introduction TCE has provided “Concept to Commissioning”, including detail engineering services of all disciplines to one of the most prestigious hospital projects. TCE has designed and erected three structural canopies for this Hospital and the largest one spanning 20m x 15m in plan (Ref Fig-1). There […]


By D Geethalakshmi Microgrid is an emerging concept, which has gained significant attention and popularity in the power industry owing to its contribution to improvements in efficiency, reliability, resilience and independence over the traditional utility grid. A Microgrid is a much smaller version of the centralized utility grid comprising group of interconnected loads, distributed energy […]

Restoration of 95 years old Bar Yard Building

By Tapas Panja, Asstt. General Manager, Sanjoy Chowdhury, Sr. General Manager The Bar Yard building is a structural steel framework with crane girders and was constructed during 1925 – 1935. The health of the foundation and superstructure was observed to be in poor condition. Detail inspection revealed significant corrosion, misalignment of column & crane, damage […]

Smart Grid in Smart Cities

BY D Geethalakshmi A smart city is defined as a city equipped with intelligent infrastructure which provides improved quality of life with sustainable environment through smart built solutions. Smart cities demand for a reliable, energy efficient and quality power and thus smart grid becomes imperative. The smart grid technologies which are deployed in smart cites […]