Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Fire hazards and overheating caused by shading faults on photo voltaic solar panel

By Dr. S. Sakthivel, Technology Group, TATA Consulting Engineers Limited, Mumbai, India Hot-spot is a phenomenon that is known to occur in photovoltaic (PV) cell under fault conditions such as partial shading, material imperfection, fabrication flaws or damages to the PV cell itself. This study focuses on partial shading, which is a specific fault condition […]

Modularization of Chemical Plants: An Overview

By S N Diwakar, Prashant Yede & Sagat Kathav The discussion in this paper outlines modularization approach for standard chemical plants. Each aspect is elaborated in general starting from conceptualization to implementation including transportation. These aspects are applicable to any plants (chemical or industrial) with standard parameters Download PDF

Role of Modern Fuel Gas Analyser in a Thermal Power Plant

By Sugata Bandyopadhyay, TCE The concern for Global Warming and Climate change has already made a social impact on the planet earth and corporate strategy on mitigating plan needs to be adopted to restore ecological balance. While any economic growth is associated with Industrial developments, which will trigger a new concern to the environment, innovative adoption […]

Pinch Analysis for the Application in Steel Plants

By Nitin Gupta & T. K. Pal, TCE The term ‘Pinch Technology’ is a new set of thermodynamically based methods that guarantee the design of heat exchanging networks with minimum energy levels. The equations are primarily based on the First Law and the direction of heat flow is determined by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. […]