Monthly Archive:: May 2014

Green rating of heritage buildings

The world is replete with relics of the past. These stand testimony to the engineering ingenuity of architects of yore. However, in a modern world, the importance of a sustainable future requires a revisit to the past. Some of the ancient heritage buildings and mansions are still thriving today as offices, hotels museums, etc. Is […]

Safety of equipment and people and the design of earth fault protection scheme

Safety and the design of earth fault protection scheme Designing the Insulation of electrical equipment protection schemes and ensuring safety of personnel& equipment is dependent on the type neutral grounding in electrical power systems. Appropriate earth fault protection schemes that is best suited for the earth fault current, which depends on the type of neutral […]

Power Plant Electrical Schemes – Station Transformer or Generator Circuit Breaker

Engineering the best electrical auxiliary power scheme for power plants is an area requiring critical evaluation. The choice between Station Transformer Scheme and Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB) Scheme may be decided upon, through a cost benefit analysis based on the prevailing constraints and plant requirements. It is prudent to decide on the scheme with  either […]