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Jet Pathway: Production of low-carbon Jet fuel from alcohol

-by-    Dr. S. Sakthivel Introduction Ethanol is an alcohol which can be produced either by petrochemical method though the hydration of ethylene or through biological processes like the fermentation of sugarcane, molasses, starch, wheat, corn etc. The biological process is considered to be world’s first sustainable biofuels, accounts for approximately 95 % of the ethanol […]

Value Addition In Land Development Planning

By- Narendra Mokashi, Rahul Tingre, Uday Mahadik & Vijay Barve Abstract – TCE in the role of Design engineering Consultant, Owner’s engineer or Project management consultant has done significant value additions during concept designs and specifications for Land Development Work. The development levels for the plant buildings are decided after a thorough study and with […]

Enhancing Storage Capacity of A Chemical Terminal

BY SHIREESH SWAMI In one of the green field chemical marketing terminal located in Middle East, 29 chemical storage tanks were proposed to be installed in a very compact plot area. The client wanted to increase the terminal capacity to the extent possible in the given plot. It was neither possible to add more tanks […]

Advanced Seismic Analysis For Nuclear Power Plant Structures Using Inelastic Design Response Spectrum.

Inelastic Design spectra analysis is an approach to optimize the design of a non-safety related structure located next to safety related structure. TCE used this approach to qualify non-safety related structures in nuclear power plant projects to ensure that these structure do not collapse on nearby safety related structure under the occurrence of extreme earthquake […]

Brief aspects on different mercury monitoring techniques

The recent revision in environmental norms issued by MOEF made it mandatory for thermal power plants and process industries to measure mercury emission in air .Hence it is impervitive that proper understanding of mercury measurements technology and its availability in market is essential for the implementation of mercury measurement mechanism in plant This paper makes […]

Power Generation Facilities for a Remote Island

by  J.N. Ramprasad & Lakshmana Rao Providing reliable power to a remote Island in the midst of ocean is always a challenge because of its geographical location. The challenge becomes manifold if the island is a tourist paradise that demands pollution free, stable and reliable power supply all through the year without compromising on natural […]

Pathways & industrial approaches for utilization of CO2

-By Dr. S. Sakthivel Background: CO2 is a greenhouse gas and to reduce greenhouse effect, the CO2 emissions need to be controlled. Large scale industrialization has increased amount of CO2 that is being released to atmosphere. This is contributing to the global warming. It is therefore important that this CO2 is captured at sources e.g. […]

Wireless CCTV for Surveillance Monitoring

By  C. Sailaja Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a closed & connected system used for surveillance generally in public places like commercial complexes and office buildings. CCTV is mainly used for security and monitoring purposes. Wireless technology has transformed our lives in many ways from mobile phones to Wifi connectivity. One area where IoT is […]

Knowledge Management in TCE

Dr.Kavita Mudgal Knowledge is used formally & informally in economic growth & development of society. Knowledge has become the leading factor for adding value & wealth creation in business economy. Systematic management of knowledge is essential in corporate sectors as market places are increasingly becoming competitive leading to rising need for value added & innovative […]

Electrical Energy Audit of Buildings

By Bharat Yadav Energy cost is one of the significant contributors of production cost for most of the Industries and Buildings. Hence, reduction in energy consumption electrical, thermal or in any other form always helps in business sustenance and growth. Electrical Energy is most common form of energy used in all walks of life including most […]